Happy New year!

So far we have had The FTSE closing at new highs, The Dow Jones hitting the 20,000 mark (albeit momentarily) and UK Supermarket chains recording large gains and improved performance rates in the run up to December. Whilst on the other side of the pond a quiet reserved man predicted he will bring 1 million jobs to America!

So were the Brexit predictions the economists’ “Michael Fish Moment”, will it turn to Bremain? As usual you can find whatever argument you believe in backed up by many.

Everybody will have their own view point and many people will have a reason or reasons to be negative. Politics aside, I can say that since the start of 2017 our clients have been in touch and their economic outlook is positive, there are recruiting, they are expanding. The recruitment industry can provide another vote of confidence in the economy as research shows that 41% of companies expect to expand their workforce in 2017 (CBI poll of 353 businesses employing 1.2 million)

So if you are looking for a job or want a change then there are opportunities and here at 7 Fifty Two we have them.